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Split pressurized solar thermal collector
DLL-C-P01 Heat pipe solar thermal collector
DLL-C-P02 U pipe solar thermal collector
DLL-C-P03 U pipe solar thermal collector with CPC
Split non-pressurized solar thermal collector
DLL-C-N01 All glass heat pipe vacuum tube solar thermal collector
DLL-C-N02 Three target vacuum tube solar thermal collector
Solar water heating system
Upload a file for us, information like:
1) Volume of water output. if it is project for swimming pool, please inform us Length x Width x Height
2) Temperature of water using
3) Type of water using: 24 hour uninterrupted water supply or the time period of water supply
4) Type of the position for solar collector array installing
5) Type of the water tank: pressurized or non-pressurized
6) Position of water tank and bearing capacity for this position
7) Average ambient temperature and the local latitude Etc.
Please provide us details as much as you can, then we can offer you a complete scheme.
Compact solar water heater
DLL-F-P01 Compact pressurized solar water heater (with heat pipe)
DLL-F-P02 Compact pre-heated solar water heater (with copper coil)
DLL-F-N01 Compact non-pressurized solar water heater